Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

By Franco Zappa

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The book is addressed to an audience interested in the hardware design of digital electronic circuits and systems. It introduces the basics of digital electronics and then describes in detail both combinational and sequential logics and components. The book aims at providing an in-depth overview of the devices and components necessary to design digital electronic systems, by exploiting commercially available components. The book describes the most important concepts, components’ internal block diagrams, schematics and functional specifications, implementations, and design tricks that are the fundamental building blocks of any complex electronic system, designed to be implemented either through discrete components in electronic boards or by means of single-chip programmable logic, such as Field-Programmable Gate Arrays and microcontrollers. The topics covered by the book are: Basic and advanced logic gates; TTL and CMOS logic families and interoperability; Combinational logic and truth table; Sum-of-Products, Product-of-Sums, and Karnaugh maps design; Sequential logic and classifications; Latches and Flip-Flops; Combinational MSI integrated circuits (encoders, decoders, comparators, parity generators and checkers, adders, ALU, multiplexer, demultiplexer); Sequential MSI integrated circuits (latches and flip-flops, registers, shift- registers, counters); • Memories (ROM, RAM, SDRAM, E2PROM and flash); Basics on 8-bit Microcontrollers.

Franco Zappa

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  • December 30, 2018
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