An Introduction to multiscale modeling with applications

An Introduction to multiscale modeling with applications

By Pietro Asinari, Eliodoro Chiavazzo

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This book collects the slides prepared for the course of Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics (Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering) and those for the course of Multiscale Modelling and Simulation of Molecular and Mesoscopic Dynamics (PhD Program in Energetics), taught in English at Turin Polytechnic. Here, we provide a broad overview on the different topics taught in our classes. Even though not all topics are presented in the same class, students should be able to more easily reconstruct the connections among different phenomena (and scales), build their own mind map and, eventually, find their own way of deepening the subjects they are more interested in. Several engineering applications have been included. This helps in stressing that very different phenomena are described by transport theory and obey the same underlying fundamental laws of engineering thermodynamics. Detailed tutorials are reported, based on open-source codes for the laboratories (Gromacs, Palabos, OpenFoam and Cantera).

Eliodoro Chiavazzo