British World War 2 Rationing Cakes and Puddings

British World War 2 Rationing Cakes and Puddings

By Elizabeth Allan

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During World War 2 Britain had shortages of many foods. By 1940 most foods and basic commodities were rationed because of the shortages. People only had a certain amount of certain items such as meats and sugar every week. The availability of some items fluctuated and some weeks saw more items such as dried fruit. The rationing of basic items such as fats, eggs and sugar meant that it was difficult for people to make their favourite puddings and cakes. Vegetables grown in Britain were not rationed, so carrots, parsnips and potatoes made their way into the nation's puddings. Make some cakes and puddings from the World War 2 rationing era with this book.

Elizabeth Allan

I enjoy writing cookery books.