Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book

Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book

By Mary A. Wilson

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Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book is a culinary recipe book by Mary A. Wilson. Figuring an extensive amount of vintage mouth warming recipes, along with general advice on healthy eating habits, the author also functioned as the official cooking instructor for the U.S Navy for an extensive time. Excerpt: "The sage old saying "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are" is as full of the "pith o' sense" to-day as in ye days of long ago, for food either makes us physically fit and fully efficient, or miserable failures with physical complications that keep us constantly in the physician's hands. The vital essences of that which we prepare for eating are "medicinal messengers" bearing light to the eye, vigor to the limb, beauty to the cheek and alertness to the brain, as vitamines, or distorted in the misdirected process are the harsh heralds of pain and debility to the human system. How great then is the influence of the one who prepares it!"

Mary A. Wilson

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