The Gay Gnani of Gingalee; or, Discords of Devolution

The Gay Gnani of Gingalee; or, Discords of Devolution

By Florence Huntley

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'The Gay Gnani of Gingalee; or, Discords of Devolution' is an occult-themed novel written by Florence Huntley. The story follows two friends, the stout, stocky, rosy and roistering Bill Vanderhook and the pale, pensive and passive Alonzo Leffingwell. Bill's voice in babyhood was loud, resonant and cheerful, while Lonnie's was low, limpid and languid. While nature seemed to have constructed Bill Vanderhook for a short-stop or a half-back, it had reserved Alonzo Leffingwell for the higher arts of mystical mysteries. On attaining his majority Bill consulted with his father and accepted a partnership in the paternal pharmacy. Alonzo consulted with himself, determined upon mysticism and cut loose from parental guidance. Upon this he resigned, as humorist of the Daily Clarion, and set out upon the path of wisdom. About the same time that Bill turned from bats to bottles and gave up the kicking of balls for the rolling of pills, Alonzo laid down his pen, took up his crystal and immured himself in his bedroom. Naturally, the exactions of these widely differing occupations tended more and more to separate the two young men.

Florence Huntley

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