Souls Who Meet Each Other

Souls Who Meet Each Other

By Patrizia Luraschi

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When we speak of Souls meeting, we refer to that particular interconnectedness that binds two or more souls with one purpose in life: that of meeting and evolving together along the path of spiritual evolution. The Twin Souls are stimulated and helped in the path of spiritual growth, one comes to the rescue of the other, precisely because in the first place, they have so many goals to achieve in their life together, create their existence as a couple, as a family and as people who will give a good example to their friends and to all those around them. We live in the Age of Awareness and everything that happens, has its own reason of being, nothing belongs to chance; therefore, our reunions, our meetings, also belong to this. For example, the question many people ask is, "Why do Soul Mates exist?". Surely the Twin Souls are not an invention of who knows who, but they are actually a reality concerning Being, understood as a spiritual being of course. We can define our soul as "complete", but we are on this planet, life after life, with certain characteristics that affect the person, so the affinity that fits between the Twin Souls helps them in their relationship. But not only does affinity become part of these two people, there must also be a common reality about everything that concerns them and what follows. A meeting between Twin Souls is that moment in which an individual becomes aware that the known person is an important and fundamental part of his existence. Then, there is "chemistry" between two people and in the chapter we will explain this chemistry in what it consists, how it is born and what it creates between two souls that meet. Physical attraction only? You will read it. I will also bring to your knowledge "The Mental love", a kind of love that is born as an attraction between two souls who respect each other, working together in their relationship. Knowledge of the soul amalgamated with many aspects that will be alive for life. Something very different from the "Soul mates", who attract, feel, for eternity. Here is a real and mutual love lived during this life.

Patrizia Luraschi

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  • December 26, 2021
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