No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

By ed turner

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If you have always been that nice guy, this book tells you everything you need to stop being Mr. Nice Guy who doesn't get the girl he wants to the one who is still nice and gets all the girls he wants to date and have a relationship with. In this book, you will learn: My journey as a nice guy for years and how a nice guy screwed me up many times and what you should learn from my nice guy experience will cause you to get any girl you want from now on. Why being nice is a bad idea when you meet a girl you love to date. The qualities you need to start developing as a man to make sure you stop getting the results you are getting now from women like a nice guy. Insanity, they say, is doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results. This book will learn all the new things you should be doing and the mindset you should develop to win as a nice guy. What women need that you don't know. These things has helped you get friend-zoned as a nice guy many times. In this book, you will learn what women need, and in giving them that, you increase your chance of dating them and even sleeping with them (if you want to). I have been the poster boy for a nice guy for years, and after being tired of getting the same "let’s be friends” vibe from many women I love to date, I started digging to learn what I was doing wrong and what I should be doing to get the girls I want. The result of my many months of digging helped me for years to start dating hot women I would have never been able to date before I started fixing my nice guy problem. If I can overcome my nice guy problem, then why not share all I know with other nice guys out there who are seriously looking for a solution to stop being a Mr. Nice Guy. The result of that, though, is this book. You will learn a lot about how not to be a nice guy again in this book, and I guarantee there will be a shift in result for good if you read this book and implement everything you will learn in the book. Would you love to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and start getting the girls you want to date?

ed turner