How to Cheer Your Love

How to Cheer Your Love

By Ayir Amrahs

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The concept of love is broad and complex. Love is the bond of affection that is born out of appreciation of the other. It can be seen as a property of human relations. Love can be referred to as friendship, romantic love, film love, soul-love, mystical love, or love for a reason. Love is expressed through actions, gestures, and words. Human relationships are the source of love. We learn to love through established relationships with others, as shared experiences strengthen emotional bonds. Love means acceptance and commitment to the well-being of others. Love as a value guarantees solidarity, compassion, and cooperation in a community or society. Love is the force that drives us to do things right, as it makes the difference between good and bad very clear. There are many forms of love—love at first sight, secret or forbidden love, distant love, true love, romantic love, film love, family love, brotherly love, mystical love and love of God, etc. The most famous symbols of love are commonly referred to as the love of a couple. Love is also represented by the symbol of the heart. Love is present in some form or the other in the life of every human being. How to thank people for their love and how to show them gratitude; this theme has been threaded in the present book.

Ayir Amrahs

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