Awesome Animals and Amazing Adventure Tales

Awesome Animals and Amazing Adventure Tales

By Tina Teresa Jensen

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The school bell rang, it was the start of the summer holidays, and everyone ran out of school really happy. Teresa ran out of the school and down to the beach very fast, while Naomi and Melissa chaste after her, caught her up on the beach, and started teasing her. Melissa: look at her dorky hairstyle. Naomi: Yes, and her dorky brace, goofy teeth, and square clothes. They laughed at her and teased her and then grabbed her and throw her into the sea with all her clothes and schoolwork. The girls ran off. Teresa: Please help me I can't swim. But no one could hear her screaming. Until suddenly a mermaid rescued her and bought her back to shore and disappeared again. Teresa looked around confused as to how she managed to get back safely, she was dripping wet and cold and picked up her school stuff. Suddenly she saw a glowing within the caves that she thought was fire, so she went in to investigate. She thought I wonder what this strange but welcoming glow is. As she got into the caves she heard a voice, Who are you and what are you doing? Teresa: My name is Teresa and I have come in here to dry up and get warm. Suddenly a mirror appeared before her eyes and a spirit walked out. Spirit: I am the mirror's soul and I command you to look in the mirror. Teresa looked in the mirror and to her shock she was beautiful. Teresa: Oh, my Goodness I'm beautiful. Spirit: Yes, you are but not beautiful enough to be able to unlock the treasure yet. Teresa: Stop teasing me, there's no treasure and I'm not beautiful. She runs out all confused. A week later a new girl called Janice had moved into the street, her appearance was appalling to the eye; she had a big birth defect growing on her cheek. But she had a beautiful heart. That day Teresa went down to the beach and saw Melissa and Naomi picking on Janice. Teresa: what are you doing? Naomi: We are picking on this ugly-looking girl. Melissa: And if you join in, we promise we will leave you alone.

Tina Teresa Jensen