Bladesmith Guide

Bladesmith Guide


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Anyone who has looked for good custom blades knows how difficult it is to find them. Stop wasting time searching for the perfect blade, because Bladesmith Guidewill show you how to forge a bar of steel into the blade of your dreams. This comprehensive guide to smithing world-class blades is appropriate for both rookie and experienced bladesmiths. You'll be able to build your own forge, outfit your workshop, select materials ranging from exotic to ordinary, and get to work with this book. You'll jump at the chance to bend, twist, fold, cut, and stretch steel while it's still hot. Finally, you'll grind the new blade to perfection, choose the softest, toughest, or most exotic wood for the grip, and slip your blade into your custom sheath. It's all here, whether you're looking for a survival blade, commando dagger, broadsword, tanto, or just a reliable utility knife. Enter the world of bespoke blades with a twist! Make one for yourself!


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  • Jolak
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  • 9791221379235
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  • December 26, 2021
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