Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

By Koen Vervloesem

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio chips are ubiquitous from Raspberry Pi to lightbulbs. BLE is an elaborate technology with a comprehensive specification, but the basics are quite accessible. A progressive and systematic approach will lead you far in mastering this wireless communication technique, which is essential for working in low power scenarios. In this book, you'll learn how to: > Discover BLE devices in the neighborhood by listening to their advertisements. > Create your own BLE devices advertising data. > Connect to BLE devices such as heart rate monitors and proximity reporters. > Create secure connections to BLE devices with encryption and authentication. > Understand BLE service and profile specifications and implement them. > Reverse engineer a BLE device with a proprietary implementation and control it with your own software. > Make your BLE devices use as little power as possible. This book shows you the ropes of BLE programming with Python and the Bleak library on a Raspberry Pi or PC, with C++ and NimBLE-Arduino on Espressif's ESP32 development boards, and with C on one of the development boards supported by the Zephyr real-time operating system, such as Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 boards. Starting with a very little amount of theory, you'll develop code right from the beginning. After you've completed this book, you'll know enough to create your own BLE applications.

Koen Vervloesem

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