My Journey into the Cloud

My Journey into the Cloud

By Jens Nickel

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The Internet of Things (IoT) makes our everyday life much more comfortable and helps to save money and resources. But getting started is not easy. IoT kits promise fast success, but a more profound knowledge is only available to those who realized its own project from scratch. Jens Nickel is Editor-in-Chief of the German Elektor magazine and he has made its way into the IoT. As part of a series of articles, he developed several demo projects - from the lamp control in the home network up to a autarkic sensor board that sends datas to the cloud. With the slogan "Learning by Doing", topics such as TCP/IP, MQTT, control via smartphone, WiFi access, embedded web server, connection of a cloud service, reliability in case of disconnections, object-oriented programming and much more are treated. The demo programs (mostly in the beginner-friendly Arduino-C dialect) are of course available in source code. In this book, the first 24 episodes of this IoT series compactly summarized. With Elektor's of theory and practice in the usual mixture of the Internet of Things - be there!

Jens Nickel