The Little Great Book about Happiness

The Little Great Book about Happiness

By Felicidad Cristóbal, Maurizio Giarnetti

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But why am I not happy? That question that we have all asked ourselves so many times is an excellent question to start the path. Contrary to the rest of the aspects of our lives, in which we make an effort –and a lot– to achieve our goals, when we talk about happiness we are surprised that we are not happy and, at the same time, we believe that happiness is something that comes, that we want let him stay, but sooner or later he leaves. And we don't understand anything, because we are doing everything that we have been taught that we had to do since we were little to be happy. Throughout these pages we will see how there are myths about happiness that do not respond to reality, how seeing success in another way can help us and how to open our minds to the fact that the real change is in the way we think about what we do. what happens to us and to those around us. Giving them the necessary importance and working within ourselves concepts such as acquiring mental stability, achieving forgiveness, understanding acceptance, understanding gratitude, finding our purpose and welcoming the transience of life will bring us much more happiness than we ever would have. imagined. «A great book that from its simplicity and closeness invites us to walk that path without distance between the head and the heart»Dr Mario Alonso PuigPhysician, lecturer and writer

Maurizio Giarnetti

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  • December 26, 2021
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