Electronics for Space

Electronics for Space

By Jaime Alberto Estela Gutierrez

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Space, the final frontier, will become more and more popular. The space industry is continually growing and new products and services will be required. Innovation is needed for the development of this industry. Today it is no longer possible to follow all the events in field of space. The space market is growing and activities are increasing, especially the market for small-satellites. This book wants to help close the gap and encourage electronic engineers to enter into the fascinating field of space electronics. One of the main difficulties is finding people with knowledge of space electronics design. Nowadays companies have to invest a lot of time and resources to instruct electronic engineers with no experience of space. Only a brief and basic introduction of this topic is typically achieved at university in space engineering lectures. Professionals with practical experience and the necessary theoretical knowledge are scarce. Companies from the space sector are searching for staff with knowledge of space electronics. This book will bring space closer aspiring to the space electronic hobbyists.

Jaime Alberto Estela Gutierrez