World War 2 Rationing Party Food Recipes

World War 2 Rationing Party Food Recipes

By Betty Dale

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The years of World War 2 caused Britain to suffer food shortages. Basic foods such as meat, cheese, butter and sugar were rationed. As a result the diet in Britain during World War 2 was very simple and unvaried. The rationing and shortage of items such as sugar, certain fruits, meat etc, led to many "mock" fake dishes being created. Other plentiful more simple items were substituted for the often more luxurious items in short supply. Although the food situation in World War 2 meant people could not enjoy their usual array of food events such as parties, afternoon tea and soforth were still held with the population creating party dishes from what they had. Try some World War 2 wartime rationing party food with this variety of authentic recipes from wartime Britain.

Betty Dale