Fundamentals of Patents and Patenting

Fundamentals of Patents and Patenting

By Kavi Bhushan Chouhan Singh, Vivekananda Mandal

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This particular book shall serve as comprehensive tutelage covering everything from the cradle to the grave regarding patents and patenting, emphasising Indian patent filing procedures and document handling. The book shall make a person competent enough to handle patent-related documents necessary for filing an Indian patent. The book shall also meet the statutory academic requirements for all PG and PhD coursework syllabus under one umbrella. The book shall serve as a one-stop destination or as an information directory for students, researchers, industry experts, and those interested in patenting their innovations or taking up IPR as a profession. The simple explanation of complicated patent rules and procedures is one of the significant highlights, thus making the book a highly committed source for understanding patents in a simple manner. Patent rules pertaining to herbal drug research, patent search, PCT filing steps and FAQs are additional highlights. Overall, this book shall serve as a practical handbook in understanding patents and patenting procedures and will play a key role in developing trained professionals. Contents: 1. Overview of Indian Patent System 2. Understanding IPR 3. Patent Terminologies 4. Indian Patent Office 5. Patentable Subject Matter 6. Patent Types 7. Patent Filing Steps 8. Patent Drafting and Application Processing 9. Opposition and Revocation 10. Appeals 11. Offences and Penalties 12. Forms, Fees and Sections 13. Foreign Filing 14. Patent Laws Relating to Traditional Knowledge and Role of TKDL 15. Patent Term Extension 16. Patenting as a Career Option (Patent Agents) 17. Patent Search 18. Treaties and Conventions 19. National IPR Policy 20. FAQ’s About the Authors: Vivekananda Mandal is working as Assistant Professor at Department of Pharmacy, Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur (C.G), since 2012. Dr. Mandal completed his M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy from IIT-BHU, PhD from Jadavpur University-Kolkata and Post-doctorate from the University of Fukui, Japan in Bio-Physics. Dr. Mandal has more than 40 international publications, several books and 04 Indian patents to his credit for his research on herbal drug technology. Kavi Bhushan Singh Chouhan is currently undergoing his PhD research as a Senior Research Fellow at Department of Pharmacy, Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur (CG). Mr. Chouhan has more than 15 research publications and one patent to his credit. Mr. Chouhan has five years of research and teaching experience.

Vivekananda Mandal