A Study of The Mating Behaviors Between Humans & Dragon Shifters

A Study of The Mating Behaviors Between Humans & Dragon Shifters

The Shifter Experiments

By Dlenti O'Pick

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This experiment explores the potential coupling between non-shifter humans and Dragons Shifters. After rejecting ten prior participants, the Dragon Brood unexpectedly accepts both Subject Eleven and Subject Twelve. This is the first recorded study of the Dragon Shifters' mating behavior. Request to catalogue the various equipment, including, but not limited to, sounding rods have been denied. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ The stirrup beds are standard facility equipment. However, the fucking machine and dildos or various shapes and sizes are certainly not provided by the research. Neither are the different sex toys, including, but not limited to, several sounding rods, nipple clamps, anal plugs, dildos of various sizes, whips, paddles, handcuffs, chains, and so on. Our request to have their sex toys itemized and photographed have been rejected. The objects are claimed to be completely sanitized and they are possessive of the items, refusing to let any of the team members get a good look. Additional notes have been made to include antibiotics and provide thorough cleaning of subjects after each session after samples have been taken. Once both subjects are stripped and placed on the beds, the team leave, and the Dragon Shifters enter the room. They begin by binding both subjects. They appear to be very adept at using these specialized sex tools, cuffing both subjects to the bed and using several lengths of material to wrap around their bodies to prevent them from falling from the bed if they were to struggle too hard. They also tested the strength of the beds and seem to be satisfied with it. Next, they begin preparing both subjects for penetration, coating their fingers with lube and lubricating both. The Dragon Shifters appear to do this in turns, and the sequence at which each Shifter gets a turn is noted, but there does not seem to be a specific chronology. The Dragon Shifters then roll up an alarmingly sized sex machine. It is noted that they had flown back to their nest and retrieved these equipment. Their full Dragon Shifts are as impressive as ever and their speed continues to defy the laws of physic. It is infuriating that they do not allow their flight speed to be studied. The jackasses.

Dlenti O'Pick

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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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