Imps Of The Perverse

Imps Of The Perverse

By Celia McKinley

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DESCRIPTION: More than three hundred years ago a pair of witch hunters rescued a beautiful young woman from an evil witch and her horde of impish familiars. Now Gina, the new girl in a small New England town haunted by Eliza Morgan's dark legacy, finds herself at the mercy of those same eager devils, and drawn into a perverted scheme very different than the ghost story her friends told her. EXCERPT: Two more of those leering devils crouched around her thrashing hips, clutching the top of her knees and tilting her legs outward, downward like a pair of butterfly wings, her feet locked together even as they parted her thighs - and then she moaned aloud, her eyes closed tight and her cheeks flushed still brighter as their beastly tongues stroked and drew warm silky loops across the smooth pale curves of her inner thighs. Yet another imp knelt over her shoulder to catch her long auburn hair in his clawed hand, to roll her head back across the carpeted floor, and she winced at the brush of his ribbon tongue across the dip of her left shoulder and then up the length of her neck, all the way up along the rim of her left ear before gliding slowly back down across her tensed shoulder, a sensuously winding circuit that set the pace for each lewd moan in her ear. She didn’t wince with pain: it felt good, better than any kiss she’d shared with her boyfriend. She gritted her teeth and tried not to think about how short human tongues suddenly struck her, how lips only seemed to get in the way. "Do it," Gina thought frantically beneath her unshed tears, and she turned her head to let another goblin’s tongue lap between her full breasts. Four grinning faces sank between her thighs, two long supple tongues catching her swollen pearl between them and strumming her stiff bead back and forth between them while the other two lapped her pouting folds and teased the tight, trembling slit between them with the wagging tips of their tongues. Her groaning voice suddenly hitched with a soundless tremor, hyperventilating and then shuddering, her throat clenched too tight and her body shaking too hard to draw in a single breath. And then she arched back with a torrid moan, her eyes closing again as the desperate tension melted away into an irresistible climax.

Celia McKinley

  • Publisher:
  • Lot's Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9791220855174
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM

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