The Rapture - Hot Summer Nights No.1

The Rapture - Hot Summer Nights No.1

By A.E. Wood

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DESCRIPTION: Paradise in the land of Clear Blue Lake Waters... Secluded... Wild... Beautiful... A mother's pure love compels her to endeavor to cure her son's painful shyness. But her proposed cure results in cross-purposed goals for both of them. As her realization of this finally sinks in, will she be able to stop the lunacy in time? Or will nature take it's course as it has since the beginning of time. EXCERPT: It was normal for summers to be hot and humid there, but that summer was unusually stifling. I don't remember the exact date of that first night, but it was somewhere around the middle of June. My grandfather was working the night shift at an industrial plant twenty-five miles from our summer home, so my grandmother and I were completely alone from 10:15 pm until 7:45 am, when he would return. It was 11:30 pm that night. It was insanely hot, and the crickets were chirping in all their glory. The familiar hoot of an owl would pierce the air occasionally. The night air was dead still, as it always was during the humid northern summer nights, except during the intense nocturnal thunderstorms that were also common in that region of the world. Grandfather had left for work an hour earlier. I was getting ready for bed, already in my pajama bottoms only, due to the intense heat of the night. We had no air conditioning during those days, just a large but remarkably quiet window fan inside the main cabin, which mounted completely over one of the two west living room windows, allowing maximum airflow from the big rotating blades. We always set it to pull air out of the cabin instead of blowing it in. That at least kept the hot air moving, which helped a lot. I slept out on the porch, outside a front door separating it from the main part of the cabin. This meant that I had no benefit from the big fan. But, the porch was fully surrounded by not merely screen windows, but open screen construction on all three sides, allowing it to cool much faster at night than it would inside. My grandfather had cleverly designed hinged inner frames on all the screens so that they could easily be pivoted down from the inside to keep out rain when needed. The night sounds were familiar and relaxing to me. During storms, I loved to hear the rain on the thin wood roof of that quaint little porch. It was my own little haven, my refuge, humble as it was. I heard momma call me into her room. She had been having a lot of leg pain, which I knew was very true. She asked if I would massage the outside of her thighs. Her normal sleeping position was to have a big cushion propped up against the large headboard of the old-fashioned metal-framed double bed. This resulted in her being in a half-sitting-up position, which is the way she liked to sleep. That first night, I just massaged the outside of her thighs for a little while, after which she said that I could go back to bed. The next night, she asked again. This situation got to be a nightly routine. But after a few nights of this, some small changes in the routine occurred over time. In the beginning, her long nightie, which opened in front, was completely closed and pulled down so that I had to get my hands under it to rub the outsides of her thighs.

A.E. Wood