Tricks And Treats

Tricks And Treats

By Alana Church, Arian Wulf, Laura Lovecraft

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It's All Hallows Eve--a night when spirits rise and inhibitions fall! The kids are in bed, so it's time for the tricks to be dirtier and the treats even tastier. Enter, if you dare, into the twisted minds of Arian Wulf, Alana Church, and Laura Lovecraft, as they do Halloween hardcore with three shocking tales of devilish debauchery that will leave you screaming...for more! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Doctor Wolf In a universe where female hybrids are rare breeds of creatures that are precious and kept incredibly sheltered, Anna is one such human hybrid who is content living the rest of her life in solitude. However, life has other plans for her. A few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, she is brought into a hospital for a medical examination where she meets an alpha doctor who offers her a world beyond the gates of her self-imposed prison. The alpha werewolf has been looking at her for a long time and hopes to make her his mate. For someone with so little knowledge of the outside world, Anna is in over her head with the dominating male, who enjoys giving pain as much as pleasure and does not hesitate to introduce her to the delicious ecstasy of being tied, whipped, and taken hard and unprotected. Possessed By The Poltergeist Author Mark Watford moved into the old farmhouse wanting nothing more than a quiet place to work on his next novel. He certainly didn't expect to fall in love with his landlady's gorgeous daughter Brianna. But now he finds himself falling irrevocably under the younger woman's spell. But there is something else. Something Mark is unaware of. The old farmhouse has secrets. A ghost haunts its hallways, the spirit of Brianna's ancestress, who died too young. One fateful night, Brianna will be possessed by the ghost of Hazel, who needs a night of pleasure in a man's arms to continue her journey into the next life. Can Mark perform the ultimate exorcism when his true love has been "Possessed By the Poltergeist?" Tricked Churchgoing good-girl Keri is ready to have some very adult bad-girl fun on Halloween by attending an infamous annual multi-frat party where she can have sex with a hot older boy who's promised to give this horny girl what she needs. First, though, she decides to go trick-or-treating. Little does she expect to be tricked by an older man who's happy to give Keri exactly what she wantsbut in a way she never imagined or wanted!

Laura Lovecraft

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  • 9781005381233
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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