A Wild Night In Prague

A Wild Night In Prague

Sex Around The World Series

By Kitty Norton

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"Oh God," Mrs. Jones moaned...blissfully thinking about tomorrow's mission. While her husband attended to the business which brought them to Prague...she would spend the day out "shopping". It was the term she used to let her hubby know she was on the prowl...searching for some innocent young woman she could seduce...bring back to their hotel room...and then...? Mrs. Jones smiled at the young woman's accent. It was adorable. She could only imagine the sounds Darja would make in the bedroom...moans, sighs and screams...all in broken English or thick Czech...either way it made for an exciting prospect. Mrs. Jones knew exactly what she wanted Darja to do tonight...and it involved her husband Mr. Jones... The players change, but the game always remains the same. Are you ready to play? A Wild Night In Prague is another short story in Emmy Award winning and bestselling author Kitty Norton’s “Sex Around The World Series”, a collection that encourages readers to slip into a seductive world full of lust, love and everything in between. A global adventure of raunchy sex in sensual, exotic lands. The game is starting...are you ready to play?

Kitty Norton

  • Publisher:
  • Norton Family Media
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  • 9791220845243
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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  • Sin DRM

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