Alexandra's Sinful Passion

Alexandra's Sinful Passion

Seduced By Her Incest Family

By Alana Church

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Alexandras wild weekend continues! After taking her half-brother Richard as her lover, she plunges deeper into a pit of taboo sex. A morning shower turns into a sexy romp with her half-sister Joy! And when Joys mother insists on taking her out shopping, clothes arent the only thing thats being tried on! Will the evening end with night-time tryst with half-brother Randall? Only Alex knows! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Clothes arent the only things you can buy here, Alex. Discretion is another. Why, your father took me from behind in this very dressing room." Her face went soft with remembrance. "It was the day before our twentieth anniversary, and he had bought a special dress for me. And when he saw me in it, he couldnt wait to get me out of it. Estellle and her staff might hear some sounds coming from here. But trust me. They wont breathe a word. Not if they value our business." She put her fingers on the top button of Alexs blouse. "I want to know what you taste like. Will you let me?" Alex looked deep into the older womans eyes. Brown eyes, dark and mysterious. But unlike her children, even Joy, Carol didnt exude that faint sense of danger, of barely-controlled lust. She was as warm and comforting as a mug of hot chocolate on a December morning. Voiceless, Alex nodded. "Wonderful!" Carol began to briskly strip off her outfit. Alexs eyes widened as more and more of her body came into view. It was just her lack of height, she decided, that made her look so much curvier. But in reality, her figure was perfect for her frame. Short, yes, and with a generous bust. But there wasnt the smallest suggestion that her body was running to fat, or that she had three children older than Alex. "Joy, dear," she said, as she guided Alex to one of the small wooden benches that ran around the inside of the room. "Get my purse, will you? Ive got some special treats in there. And I want you to use them on me while Im...entertaining...your sister." Joy whistled as she looked inside. "Jesus, Mom. Do you really need all this?" "Be prepared," Carol replied virtuously. Alex found her legs pushed up and apart, and Carols eyes gleamed as she stared at her body. "Yes. Absolutely lovely," she breathed. "So," Alex said, laying out items one at a time. "Weve got a vibrator, obviously. And lube." "Just as obviously," Carol said absently. "After that incident at the movies last month, I never leave home without it." " Really, Mom?" "What?" She looked over her shoulder. "Oh, come on. Dont act so shocked, Joy. You cant tell me youve never used one of these." "Yeah. But I dont carry them around on my purse like a box of breath mints." "Whatever. But put it out." Carol wriggled out of her panties, her hips swaying sexily. "That is exactly what I need right now." "What is it?" Alex asked. Then her skin turned red as a stoplight as Joy, grinning, showed her the pear-shaped anal plug. Bright enough to gleam in the lights from overhead, it even had a red, heart-shaped handle. "Do those...actually work?" "Mmmmmm." Carol smiled. "You got to work your way up. But sometimes when Im going to be trapped in a boring-ass meeting all morning, and I know Im not going to be getting any loving for a while, I stick this up my rear end." She sighed wistfully. "It makes me feel so naughty and full. And no one else knows about it."

Alana Church

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  • Boruma Publishing
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  • 9781005550608
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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