Jewel Mysteries from a Dealer's Note

Jewel Mysteries from a Dealer's Note

By Max Pemberton

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Jewel Mysteries, from a Dealer's Note is a collection of mystery stories featuring jewel dealer Bernard Sutton. Sutton is a smart, hard-headed Victorian gentleman and a client's money buys his jewels, but not his companionship or respect. His profession leads him down some captivating trails and he often finds it necessary to solve a puzzle or a crime in order to protect his business or a valuable client. Table of Contents: The Opal of Carmalovitch The Necklace of Green Diamonds The Comedy of the Jewelled Links Treasure of White Creek The Accursed Gems The Watch and the Scimitar The Seven Emeralds The Pursuit of the Topaz The Ripening Rubies My Lady of the Sapphires

Max Pemberton

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  • December 27, 2020
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