The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

By Mary Roberts Rinehart

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Carol Spenser's trip to her house in Maine turns into a dreadful nightmare. There is a corpse of a woman in the closet! And the maid too was pushed down the stairs. Worse still, there is a lurking presence in the Yellow Room when the entire house is supposed to be empty and locked. The police suspect Carol but her own life is in grave danger. She gets trapped in the house and all the telephone lines have been cut off. The killer is near, very near? Excerpt: As she sat in the train that June morning Carol Spencer did not look like a young woman facing anything unusual. She looked merely like an attractive and highly finished product of New York City, who was about to park her mother with her elder sister in Newport for a week or two, and who after said parking would then proceed to Maine, there to open a house which she had never wanted to see again. Now she was trying to relax. Mrs. Spencer in the next chair was lying back with her eyes closed, as though exhausted. As she had done nothing but get herself into a taxi and out again, Carol felt not unnaturally resentful...

Mary Roberts Rinehart

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