Rising to the challenges of child development

Rising to the challenges of child development

By Jara Acín Rivera, Iñaki Pastor Pons

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Have you ever felt unsure about what your baby really needs? Should you rush in when he starts to cry or is it better to wait? Should you pick him up or not? Is it better to push him in a stroller or carry him in a sling? Aside from all these questions, you may well be wondering if your child is developing correctly? Could his attention deficit or the way he moves be warning signs? You would love to help him overcome his problems, bigand small, but who can help you? Where can you go? No doubt from the moment he was born you have always wanted to create a good bond with your child so that in the future he feels confident and capable of leading the life he wants to live. But, how do you achieve this?This groundbreaking book answers these questions. As you turn its pages, pediatric physiotherapist, Iñaki Pastor, and child psychotherapist, JaraAcín, reveal everything your child really needs to develop to their full potential. It also aims to be a guide, offering you support and advice and providing useful insights to help you deal with any physical and emotional difficulties along the way.Rising to the challenges of child development –How to help them find their wings is a clearly written, educational book that allows you to discover in as much detail as you wish, what actually happens inside your child as he grows, matures anddevelops. Each chapter offers practical tips that you can use straight away to help them find their wings. It’s an adventure not to be missed!

Iñaki Pastor Pons

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  • Aurum Volatile
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  • 9788412247312
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
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