Souad, the housekeeper

Souad, the housekeeper

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By Mahmoud Bakr

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"When the captain announced from the cockpit that the plane had entered the Egyptian aerospace, Mohsen Araaf looked through the window and saw the green delta of the Nile. With the approach to Cairo, the green color changed into yellow surrounding Cairo Airport. Three hours ago, he left Geneva engulfed by the green mountains of Savoy Alps, the city he had lived in for twenty five years and might not return back to. After going through the passport control and customs, he picked up his luggage, and took a taxi to one of the new neighborhoods that were established almost twenty years ago. He had bought an apartment five years ago in what the Egyptians call these days a compound. These compounds are usually encircled by walls and guarded by specialized security companies. His reason for buying the apartment was to spend his holidays with his wife in Cairo, especially in winter, to avoid going to hotels. His wife loved it and was keen to buy flowers and plants to give the place a lively atmosphere. Usually these flowers and plants withered after leaving as no one looked after them. She had to buy new ones when she returned the following holiday." This is the beginning of an exciting and beautiful story ...

Mahmoud Bakr