get fed at home

get fed at home

By Fabio Stefano

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GET FED AT HOME is the first cookbook collecting bestsellers recipes from FED BY WATER, Italian vegan restaurant in Hackney, London, recognised by BBC, Financial Times, Vogue, Forbes amongst others. fed by water was all about love, passion and compassion; known (so they say) for great eating (and drinking), for innovation and quality, sophistication yet simplicity, research and distinctiveness, the ultimate drive was respect for animals, the planet, and, of course, for ourselves and our health. In a world dominated by junk food, with powerful chemicals as the main ingredient of the food we are daily presented with by capitalism, it was time to really look into these wise words. And so the concept of fed by water, “fed” because it was not just about eating, but a tasty healthy experience; “by water” because life begins with water… When attention is focused on this first and main ingredient, which is often taken for granted for its purity, care in selecting the other ingredients becomes a must, the vision. You can be a genius in a kitchen but not necessarily a miracle-worker. If ingredients are tasteless or contaminated or simply not right, you can’t reasonably expect to have a superb and tasty meal. At this point creativity, skills and ingenuity must come into play, and eventually you will get there.Inspired by Italy’s rich culinary history, while simultaneously adding an extra “sensibility” which should be natural these days, fed by water pioneered fully plant-based Italian cuisine in the United Kingdom with its base in London, satisfying foodies from all over the world. A sensorial experience full of flavour and without guilt, it was cruelty free, it was vegan. The mission. Get fed at home is a response to support the empowering of this beautiful journey. Try Vegan, respect the planet and all beings, be sustainable. 

Fabio Stefano