Power Semiconductor Drives

Power Semiconductor Drives

By P. V. Rao

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Power Semiconductor devices play a vital role in electrical power systems and are used widely in transmission, distribution and control of electric power. It deals with the fundamentals of machines, converters and control of machines with solid state devices. It is divided into eight chapters covering d.c. motor, single and three phases controlled rectifiers, d.c. motor driver by dual converter, four quadrant drive, d.c. choppers, induction motor with VSI, CSI and cycloconverters, control of induction motors and control of synchronous motors. Features * Each topic is explained lucidly so that the student can understand every aspect of the drive system easily. * Number of worked-out examples are given at the end of each chapter. * A number of quiz type questions are also given with answers after each chapter. Contents 1. Control of DC Motors by Single Phase Converters, 2. Control of DC Motors by Three Phase Converters, 3. Four Quadrant Operation of DC Drives, 4. Control of DC by Motor Choppers, 5. Control of Induction Motor, 6. Control of Induction Motor Through Stator Frequency, 7. Speed Control of Three-phase Induction Motors from Rotor Side, 8. Control of Synchronuous Motors

P. V. Rao