Elements Of Mechanical Engineering

Elements Of Mechanical Engineering

By A. R. Israni, N. C. Nayak, P.K. Shah

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Basic Mechanical Engineering is written by senior professors. The course is offered to the B.Tech students during first / second semester. The book covers syllabi of majority of Technological Universities. Salient Features Introduces various units in SI system related to Thermal Engineering. Fuels used in engines and combustion of fuels are described. Properties of gases, steam and various processes related to are presented. Heat engines and the various cycles on which heat engines work are described. Generating steam Boilers and I. C. Engines are described. Governing system speed for control of engines is explained. Pumps for lifting the fluid and the compressors used to compress the air are described. Basics of Refrigeration and Air conditioning system are presented. Couplings and transmission of power in mechanical engineering fields are covered. Explains Important engineering material and their properties are dealt. Written in simple and easy language, and self-explanatory figures are provided wherever necessary. Large numbers of solved problems are included in each chapter. At the end of the chapter, objective type questions and exercises with answers are given.

P.K. Shah