PLC_Programmable logic controller, (Verilog).

PLC_Programmable logic controller, (Verilog).

By Mario Franco

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This essay describes the construction projects and programming language of a new type of PLC based on programmable logic. The heart of this system is centered on a CPLD chip mounted on its support board, where it subsequently mounts the RAM memory, the FRAM memory and the amplifier, all with removable mounting. - The CPLD already mounted on the support card is widely available on the Internet market at low prices, as it is for the additional electronics required. Subsequently, the chip must be configured from the files attached in the text presented, obtaining a processing unit that can be programmed from a WAV audio file. To program this PLC a generic PC is used, in which the audio socket has the task of communicating the programming via audio files in WAV format. This type of programming has the advantage, in the basic version, of being managed by the Windows operating system without the installation of any specific program. At a theoretical level, this PLC is programmable from all computers and operating systems, provided that they have the elementary characteristics described in the essay. For example, a test was successfully performed to program this PLC with a Galaxy J3 smartphone, managed by the Android operating system. The WAV file transmission system is so reliable that it can use the same PLC to program parallel memories (up to a maximum of 256 Kbit). - The essay is mainly distributed in EPUB and MOBI format, both in Italian and in English, consisting of 208 pages. Distribution in EPUB and MOBI formats includes attachment 7z (FILE.7z). This attachment contains the following data: • file to program the CPLD chip (Verilog and supports) and adapt it as control logic of the following PLC; • tests conducted on the CPLD chip (Verilog and supports) to validate the circuit blocks that make up the PLC control logic; • extensive illustration of the entire circuit that constitutes the control logic of this PLC; • coding in the WAV audio file to program the PLC; • various examples for the programming and operation of the PLC; • etc. - The distribution of the essay, in EPUB and MOBI format, contains the PDF version which can be extracted from the attached 7z file. The PDF alternative has the advantage of having a good resolution of the numerous photos present in the essay and a more pleasant reading on PC, tablet and smartphone. - The EPUB format translated into English has been distributed in: Slovakia, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Ireland, Mexico, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Jordan, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Nigeria, Singapore, Chile, South Africa, Colombia, Denmark , France, Dominican Republic. - - EPUB - ACCESS TO THE ATTACHED FILE 7z. • Unzip the EPUB file with the 7-zip program; • open the OEBPS folder, then open the subfolder entitled Misc; • unzip the FILE.7z file with the 7-zip program. - MOBI - ACCESS TO THE ATTACHED FILE 7z. • Unzip the file with the 7-zip program. - - NOTICE: this edition describes electronic circuits in Verilog language. Before purchasing, it is necessary to evaluate the interest and availability of a free equivalent of this ebook, but containing the circuits described exclusively in schematic form. The free equivalent of this ebook is cataloged with the ISBN number: 9788827557501.  

Mario Franco