Maternity Awareness

Maternity Awareness

By Bianca Buchal

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There is a place where the passing of time is not determined by the ticking of the clock, but by the beating of the heart A book for parents who feel invested with a sacred role, in which the child-mother-father triad represents the keystone for the creation of a new world. Life before birth is the heart and core of this book. The child takes shape in the love of the mother and the father; it feeds on food but also on external stimuli, such as music, colours, blessings, caresses, the voice of mum and dad... that will leave an everlasting mark. From loving conception to childbirth, perceived as a moment of health, growth and development, this book will accompany future parents in the rediscovery of an ancient experiential knowledge, which is renewed in the simple and profound teachings of a universal Mother. In this book you will learn: - What becoming a parent means; - How to deal with challenges that may arise during pregnancy; - Which diet to follow and how to nourish yourself; - What the effects of smoking and alcohol are in pregnancy; - How to deal with the pain of labour; - The lotus birth, the natural birth, the birth in water, the caesarean section.

Bianca Buchal

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  • August 2, 2019
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