Changing Shadows

Changing Shadows

By Philip M. Herman

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Terrible secrets hang over Bradford Hall that no amount of riches or social position can hide forever?. Charlotte Dear, By the time you read this, I will be gone.? I have felt for some time that someone was trying to kill me, but I have been unsure just who and how. That is for you to find out, my dear. Remember, follow Mr. Herbert?s instructions carefully. Love you always, Aunt Victoria Charlotte Bradford is a beautiful heiress who works at her father?s prestigious art gallery. For Charlotte and her police detective boyfriend, Jason Talbot, an unexpected note from a distant aunt soon has them entangled in a decades-old family mystery. From an aristocrat?s stately home in Hitler?s Berlin to a decaying Virginia mansion, what hangs on the walls, or perhaps even behind them, might just turn out to be a case of murder.

Philip M. Herman