Between Angels and Vampires

Between Angels and Vampires

By Danniel Paraiso Da Silva

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Sofia, a twenty-year-old girl, has always had an ordinary life until a near-fatal accident transports her to the Kingdom of Shadows. When she awakens, she finds herself surrounded by creatures she only knew from legends and horror stories. Desperate to return to her world and discover what happened to her missing mother, she ignores her dark guardian's warnings and makes a dangerous pact with a vampire. Dante, an ancient vampire with a dark past, has spent his eternity seeking revenge on the beings who destroyed his clan. The last thing he wants is to be dragged into the problems of a reckless young woman. However, upon sensing Sofia's powerful connection to the Shadow world, he sees an opportunity. Determined to use her power to overthrow the Dark Council, he involves her in his audacious plan. Sofia, when faced with the attractive and dangerous vampire with whom she is now linked, realizes that her life has changed forever. Although he tries to resist Dante's manipulations, the attraction between them becomes increasingly intense. As feelings grow and danger increases, Sofia must find out if she can trust him. After all, your heart, life and soul are at stake.

Danniel Paraiso Da Silva

„Er schrieb sein erstes Buch im Jahr 1996, im Alter von 10 Jahren. Wenige Seiten, aber viel Fantasie. Seitdem war Literatur in seinem täglichen Leben immer präsent. Und er konnte sich kaum vorstellen, dass daraus die latente Lust am Schreiben entstand.“ Es würde ein „richtiges“ Buch entstehen.
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  • December 31, 2023
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