Arduino & Co Measure, Control, and Hack

Arduino & Co Measure, Control, and Hack

By Robert Sontheimer

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With a simple Pro Mini board and a few other components, projects that 20 or 30 years ago were unthinkable (or would have cost a small fortune) are realized easily and affordably in this book: From simple LED effects to a full battery charging and testing station that will put a rechargeable through its paces, there's something for everyone. All the projects are based on the ATmega328 microcontroller, which offers endless measuring, switching, and control options with its 20 input and output lines. For example, with a 7-segment display and a few resistors, you can build a voltmeter or an NTC-based thermometer. The Arduino platform offers the perfect development environment for programming this range of boards. Besides these very practical projects, the book also provides the necessary knowledge for you to create projects based on your own ideas. How to measure, and what? Which transistor is suitable for switching a certain load? When is it better to use an IC? How do you switch mains voltage? Even LilyPad-based battery-operated projects are discussed in detail, as well as many different motors, from simple DC motors to stepper motors. Sensors are another exciting topic: For example, a simple infrared receiver that can give disused remote controls a new lease on life controlling your home, and a tiny component that can actually measure the difference in air pressure between floor and table height!

Robert Sontheimer