Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis with MATLAB

Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis with MATLAB

By Satish Kumar P., Sekhar Chandra P.

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“Computer Methods in Power Systems – Analysis with MATLAB” caters the academic requirements of under graduate students and post graduate students of electrical and electronics engineering of all universities across India. The computer methods in power systems subject is very important for the students of electrical engineering as it deals with key practical and real time aspects of power systems like load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, power system stability analysis and voltage control analysis. The contents of the book are presented in lucid style so that an average student can grasp the subject. More number of simple and complex problems are worked out to strengthen the theory and also objective questions are given at the end of each chapter to enable the students for competitive examinations. MATLAB programming is also included. This text book provides full pledged in-depth knowledge including all types of numerical problems. Contents: 1. Transmission Line Analysis 2. Per Unit Quantities 3. Graph Theory 4. Admittance Bus Matrix 5. Impedance Bus Matrix 6. Load Flow Analysis 7. Fault Analysis 8. Symmetrical Component 9. Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis 10. Symmetrical Fault Analysis 11. Power System Stability Analysis 12. Voltage Control and Power Factor Improvement Methods 13. MATLAB Programming

Sekhar Chandra P.