Kingdom of God In You

Kingdom of God In You

By Harrison Uche Johnson

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Kingdom of God in You, is a unfold revelation of God's blessing and deposit in your life. This book Kingdom Of God In You contents the mysteries of the kingdom of God and how to receive the kingdom as well. This book explains how you can discover your kingdom, rule here as King of your Kingdom and enjoy the kingdom blessings. As the word of God declares that as God is in heaven even so shall we be on earth. God rules in heaven as the King of glory and has given you the earth to rule in glory as his son and that will make him the King of Kings but you cannot rule without discovering your kingdom. So this book the Kingdom of God In You contents the unfold mysteries of the kingdom of God as deposited in your life. Jesus said that the kingdom of God will not come with observation, but that the kingdom is in you already, so read this book to discover your kingdom and save yourself from serving as a servant in another man's kingdom.

Harrison Uche Johnson