Embedded in Embedded

Embedded in Embedded

By Jason Long

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Hobbyists can mash together amazing functional systems using platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but it is imperative that engineers and product designers understand the foundational knowledge of embedded design. There are very few resources available that describe the thinking, strategies, and processes to take an idea through hardware design and low-level driver development, and successfully build a complete embedded system. Many engineers end up learning the hard way, or never really learn at all. ARM processors are essentially ubiquitous in embedded systems. Design engineers building novel devices must understand the fundamentals of these systems and be able to break down large, complicated ideas into manageable pieces. Successful product development means traversing a huge amount of documentation to understand how to accomplish what you need, then put everything together to create a robust system that will reliably operate and be maintainable for years to come. This book is a case study in embedded design including discussion of the hardware, processor initialization, low?level driver development, and application interface design for a product. Though we describe this through a specific application of a Cortex-M3 development board, our mission is to help the reader build foundational skills critical to being an excellent product developer. The completed development board is available to maximize the impact of this book, and the working platform that you create can then be used as a base for further development and learning. The Embedded in Embedded program is about teaching fundamental skill sets to help engineers build a solid foundation of knowledge that can be applied in any design environment. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, the author communicates the critical skill development that is demanded by companies and essential to successful design. This book is as much about building a great design process, critical thinking, and even social considerations important to developers as it is about technical hardware and firmware design.

Jason Long