The Seduction Handbook for Shy Guys

The Seduction Handbook for Shy Guys

By Paola Rubio

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This book has been written by Paola, the typical girl of the next door, in order to beat your shyness, to make you gain self-confidence and make you loosen up when it comes to approach women. Paola will help you overcome your fears, anxieties and insecurities, so that you can establish a relationship with women with spontaneity and success . No magical formula, no pretentious and seductive playboy ready to become your guru disclosing arrogantly his precious seductive secrets. Here, you will just find a friend, why not, maybe a potential “friend with a benefit”, who, with the maximum complicity of the case, looking in your eyes and holding your hand, will reassure you and push you towards new goals and seduction aims! FROM PAOLA’S INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to the world of seduction for shy guys. Let me introduce myself: I am Paola, medium stature, brown hair with light eyes, I am a simple and joyful person, I have a job, a dog, hobbies and friends… well, I bet you recognized me: I’m here to guide you to the discovery of seduction . Sure enough, I was asked to write a book because, according to everyone, I am able to make men feel comfortable, creating a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. So, for this reason I’m addressing the people who like you, are shy and who would like to have a capable friend who could help breaking the ice with women. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re the only guy who’s not able to approach girls you like, and all around, you see over and over again less attractive, interesting and funny men… always in company! Have you ever wondered what they have in addition in comparison with you? Do you think they have a secret move to make all girls go crazy for them? I can assure you that they do not have any secret move: often, you can win a woman over by using a word in the right moment, a nice action, a joke: well, the so-called soul willingness. You just have to put your terrible shyness apart (or use it in your favour: I will explain it!) Anyway, you have to know that you’re in good company: as a matter of fact, shyness is really common among you guys, and from my experiences, I convinced myself that this causes “blocks” when a man tries to approach a woman, even if inside he would do anything to talk to her calmly. Good, it’s time to make a break. I want to teach you how to overcome this problem, that right now could seem insuperable . We can also say that, nowadays, women seem free, strong, independent and this could create a lot of confusion in men. Maybe as a child you grew up with stereotypes that clash with reality: it’s true, there aren’t any princesses waiting for the prince charming. But do not forget that little girls too used to read the same fairy tales, and every girl, deep inside, dream of living one. So, where is the catch? Believe me if I tell you that this is a matter of points of view. For example, did you know that shy people are great observers, reflective people and in general more intelligent than anyone else? You just have to find your strength points and turn them in your advantage. How? We will see how together. For now, you just have to consider that I will bring you out from your dolt shell, and after reading and putting into practice my advices, your relationship with women will improve in a surprising way . We will start by trying to understand what kind of shy man you are; then we will work together in order to turn you into a more self-confident man ; I will show you some typical situation in which you can find yourself when it comes to approach a girl ; I will explain to you what to do and what to say, and lastly I will give you some easy but also valid tricks to win the woman of your dreams over .

Paola Rubio