Camera Projects Book

Camera Projects Book

By Dogan Ibrahim

Format: PDF  
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This book is about Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino camera projects. The book explains in simple terms and with tested and working example projects, how to configure and use a Raspberry Pi camera and USB based webcam in camera-based projects using a Raspberry Pi. Example projects are given to capture images, create timelapse photography, record video, use the camera and Raspberry Pi in security and surveillance applications, post images to Twitter, record wildlife, stream live video to YouTube, use a night camera, send pictures to smartphones, face and eye detection, colour and shape recognition, number plate recognition, barcode recognition and many more. Installation and use of popular image processing libraries and software including OpenCV, SimpleCV, and OpenALPR are explained in detail using a Raspberry Pi. The book also explains in detail how to use a camera on an Arduino development board to capture images and then save them on a microSD card. All projects given in this book have been fully tested and are working. Program listings for all Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects used in this book are available for download on the Elektor website.

Dogan Ibrahim

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