Quick Review on Industrial Pharmacy-1

Quick Review on Industrial Pharmacy-1

By Ajay Semalty

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The book has been designed with the aim that after reading this book you should be able: · To revise the syllabi effectively · To update and revise the content quickly · To prepare for GPAT and other pharmacy competitive exams · To present a ready reference for Industrial Pharmacy We hope that this book shall be very useful to students, researchers, industry personnel and teachers as ready source of basics of every covered topic. Contents: 1. Preformulation-I (Physical Form: Crystal & Amorphous) 2. Preformulation-I Polymorphism, Particle Size & Shape) 3. Preformulation-I Solubility Profile (Solubility, pH and pKa) 4. Preformulation-I Partition Coefficient & Flow Properties 5. Preformulation-II Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Reduction 6. Preformulation-II Racemization 7. Preformulation-II Dissolution, Permeability and BCS 8. Preformulation-II Polymerization 9. Tablets-I Introduction 10. Tablets-II Manufacturing Tablets 11. Tablets-III Tablet Coating 12. Tablets-IV QC of Tablets 13. Liquid Orals (Syrups and Elixirs) 14. Emulsion-I (Introduction Theories and Identification Tests) 15. Emulsion-II (Formulations of Emulsions) 16. Suspension Dosage Form 17. Parenterals-I (Introduction: Preformulation of Parenterals) 18. Parenterals-I (Formulation of Parenterals) 19. Parenterals-I (Types of Parenteral Preparations) 20. Parenterals-I (Plant lay out for Parenterals) 21. Parenterals-II (Pyrogens and Pyrogenicity) 22. Parenterals-II (Sterility Test and Sterilization) 23. Capsule-I 24. Capsule-II 25. Capsule-III 26. Capsule-IV 27. Pellets & Pelletization 28. Ophthalmic Preparations Introduction, Absorption through Eye, Formulation Considerations 29. Ophthalmic Preparations Dosage Form 30. Ophthalmic Preparations Dosage Form 31. Pharmaceutical Aerosols-I 32. Pharmaceutical Aerosols-II (Components of Aerosols) 33. Pharmaceutical Aerosols-III (Components and Systems of Aerosols) 34. Pharmaceutical Aerosols-IV (Inhalers and Evaluation of Aerosols) 35. Cosmetics-I 36. Cosmetics-II (Sunscreen Preparations and Dentifrices) 37. Cosmetics-III Shampoo, Hair Dye and Lipstick 38. Packaging Materials Science-I Materials 39. Packaging Materials Science-II Official Requirements & Stability Aspects 40. Packaging Materials Science-III QC Tests of Packaging Materials About the Author: Dr. Ajay Semalty , is Course Coordinator of India’s most popular SWAYAM MOOC- “Academic Writing” & “Industrial Pharmacy - I”; and working as a faculty member in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, H.N.B. Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar (Garhwal), Uttarakhand for the last 17.5 years with Academic, research, and industrial experience of more than 18 yrs. He is also University SWAYAM Coordinator and SPOC NPTEL Local chapter of Garhwal University.

Ajay Semalty

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