I, A Younger Sister, Seduced My Older Brother

I, A Younger Sister, Seduced My Older Brother

By Moa Nilsson

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DESCRIPTION: I didn't think he would be into it. Never thought he would be THIS into it. But he was. And no there's absolutely no stopping us. I already knew what I wanted since years ago, and now that I can finally have it there's no way I'm going to back down. My mouth, my throat, and what's between my legs. It turns out my brother has his sighs set on all of it, and I want nothing less. I want more. EXCERPT: "Hey, sis. How about... a deepthroat?" "Yes please. Fuck my throat so hard I can't breathe." "Sounds lovely. But... how am I supposed to know if it becomes too much for you then?""I'll say... 'Coelacanth', if I want you to stop. And if I can't speak for whatever reason I'll hit your knee instead. How does that sound?" "I'm still a bit concerned. I mean, I don't want to hurt you, since you're my younger sister and all. But alright, I'll give it a try." Despite what he said, his dick almost instantly made its way into my mouth as soon as we had finished speaking. Just so the tip of it made contact with the roof of the back of my mouth, not quite all the way in. Just far enough to make it clear what my brother wanted but to give me a chance to change my mind if I wanted to. But I did not. I knew what I wanted. I just went down a bit further on my brother's dick, so it went a little bit down my throat. I could feel it make contact with the back of my throat, in fact. This still wasn't enough. I wanted more. And my brother knew that. He grabbed my ponytail and used it as leverage to force his dick deeper down my throat. It hurt a bit, for several reasons: of course there was the actual pull on my hair, but there was also how he was forcing his dick far down my throat, and then there was eventually also how having his dick all the way down my throat made it really hard to breathe and I hadn't breathed for a while. But I didn't mind. If anything I wanted him to be even rougher. Take me as forcefully as he wanted to, do absolutely whatever he wished to me. As far as I was concerned my brother could choke me as hard as he wanted to, at any time he wanted to.

Moa Nilsson

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  • 9791220852111
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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