A Wild Night In Berlin

A Wild Night In Berlin

Sex Around The World Series

By Kitty Norton

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Whenever they got to a new city, Mrs. Jones would search for new girl. Not just any girl. She wanted them to be young, fit, typically blonde. But Mrs. Jones did have a taste for redheads and an appreciation for brunettes as well. She liked ballerinas...art students...young hipster girls that hung out at coffeeshops...art galleries...yoga studios. Innocent college aged girls for her to explore and enjoy...and then give as a gift for her husband to enjoy...and then, when he was done having his way...the fun would REALLY begin for all three... She made it a game for herself to find the sexiest, hottest, most perfect girl in every city they visited. She tried to see just how wicked and depraved she could be...it was her way of living life...of loving...of savoring every glorious second of her existence with her husband and soulmate, Mr. Jones. Their days were a whirlwind of strange cities, hot girls, new experiences... Tonight, they are in Berlin, Germany and Mrs. Jones just spotted young Natalia Markovic...a slender Serbian beauty with far-away eyes and a haunting smile...and that's not all, Natalia is a virgin! Mrs. Jones has plans for the woman, and they require the special "help" of her husband Mr. Jones...just how long can Natalia remain pure? The game is starting...are you ready to play? A Wild Night In Berlin is another short story in Emmy Award winning and bestselling author Kitty Norton’s “Sex Around The World Series”, a collection that encourages readers to slip into a seductive world full of lust, love and everything in between. A global adventure of raunchy sex in sensual, exotic lands. The game is starting...are you ready to play?

Kitty Norton

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  • Norton Family Media
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  • 9791220845236
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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  • Sin DRM

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