Absolute Control

Absolute Control


By Arian Wulf

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Kitty finds herself in the clutch of the most powerful man in town... and loving every second of it. The dominating man is used to getting his way and she is entangled in the brutal strength of his passion. When he brings others into their bed, she surrenders as they show her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, taking her apart with their hands and mouths, and a medical speculum. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "Do you paint?" she asks him in return. "I merely collect beautiful things," he says. "I've long since accepted that I'm not an artist," he shrugs. "You're too beautiful to be lost among an old man's obsession," he says, turning to her, giving her his full attention. "You're hardly old," she responds automatically before blushing when the compliment sinks in. He really is flirting with her. Or maybe she's still overthinking things. He's too important to be spending his time talking to a nobody like her." Maybe he's just being nice. When she meets his eyes, she finds him looking at her in a way that makes the butterflies in her stomach flutter. "I didn't catch your name," he says, extending a hand. "Katherine," she whispers. "But my friends call me Kitty.' To her surprise, he takes her hand in his and brings the back of her hand to his lips, pressing his lips there. She feels a jolt travel from where his lips touch her flesh all the way down to her nether regions. Her fingers tremble and he grins, as if he knows the reaction he has on her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kitty," he says, his breath warm against her skin. Goose bumps rise all over her body. "The pleasure is um-" she clears her throat when her voice comes up as a squeak. "The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Hunt," she says, still feeling rather thrown. She's never been greeted this way before. It feels very old school, but she finds herself oddly charmed by it. "You really are a pretty little thing," he hums. She blushes, tugging her hand back and pressing it to her heart. "Would you let me take you out for dinner?" he asks. "Dinner?" her voice trembles and her legs quivers, turning a little bit weak. She tries to wrap her head around the fact that this eccentric old gentleman is asking her out on a date. "Yes, dinner," he says, smiling patiently, waiting for her to come around. "Maybe that's not the best- oh!" she takes a step back and almost falls backwards after tripping on her own feet when he wraps a firm arm around her, pulling her to his chest. Her heart is beating out of her chest, a steady thump-thump-thump that makes everything brighter. "Thank you," she whispers. His chest is all muscle, hard and perfect and her mind is a jumble muddled mix of confusion and arousal. She's looking up into his eyes, his pupils so dark they almost swallow his irises. "Um- you can let go of me now," she says. "Perhaps," he agrees. "But I see you aren't trying very hard to get away." His voice holds a smooth, velvety undertone that makes her wonder if he's done this before. Women probably fall for him left and right all the time. "I suppose I'm not," she whispers, resisting the urge to just reach up and touch him. Her good senses finally return to her and she twists out of his grasp and puts a little bit of distance between them.

Arian Wulf

  • Publisher:
  • Boruma Publishing
  • ISBN:
  • 9781005413484
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM