Song of the Arkafina

By Suzanne Francis

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Gwenn and Gunnar travel to Khalama to bury Arkady Svalbarad, but nothing goes as planned. For one thing, Arkady isn’t really dead. When Gunnar mysteriously disappears, Gwenn and Arkady form an alliance that will bring both danger and new promise to the peoples of Yrth. Meanwhile, Huw and Katkin find comfortable shelter in an ice-locked valley, until the addition of two orphaned children to the family leaves Katkin feeling trapped and miserable. After Huw’s arrest for murder, she must decide whether to run or stand by his side. But a chance meeting steers her to Starruthe just in time to deliver Gwenn's baby daughter Myriadne. Now that the Dawnmaid has been born, it will take a miracle to hide her from Maggrai, who has returned with a weapon of total annihilation. But Gunnar also has a secret weapon, though he is reluctant to use it... Contains adult themes. Dawnmaid is the third book in the "Song of the Arkafina" series.

Suzanne Francis

  • Publisher:
  • Mushroom eBooks
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  • 9781843193883
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  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 30, 2007
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  • Sin DRM