Collared - Our Dark World No.1

Collared - Our Dark World No.1

By C.L.L. Saikali

Format: ePub  
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DESCRIPTION: At the age of nineteen Tanner finds himself thrown into a situation his entire life has been spent avoiding. When the young man is caught and sold as a pet he is displeased to find out his new master is the cold hearted ruler of his country. With no choice but to please the king of Bordun he manages to find solace in the ruler’s prized warrior; an incubus named Dracnyr. EXCERPT: Striking black armor made Tanner freeze on the spot. The black of the armor was extenuated by the gold detailing among the joints and breastplate. The gold shone catching glimpses of light while the black appeared as dark as the night. It neither repelled nor caught the light but moved through it like a shadow. Unlike the patrol and guards he had seen it appeared to be fit perfectly to the body it protected. And unlike those he had seen the material provided no stiff movement, nor could he hear the rattling of the metal. The stranger moved swiftly into the room eyeing up those for purchase. He had seen the lorem few times but never up close. Whenever they had visited the farm his uncle had always made sure he was at the river. The man approached and the entire room was at a loss for words. With the disgust those of Bordun had for the lorem he had been expecting a horrid sight of a man; one’s whose evil actions were only matched by a grotesque appearance and foul odor. It was however the complete opposite. The man that stood before them may have been, if not was, the most attractive man Tanner had ever laid eyes on. His breath stopped in his throat and for the first time his environment wasn’t bothering him. Looking was the only thing he could do so he let himself get lost in the sight before him. The armor cloaked a truly impressive physique, one that reminded him of sculptures carved of the gods. The figure stood tall, easily towering over those lined for purchase. Tanner could have spent all day gazing at the body but he was now taking in the stranger’s face. He was met with a strong jaw, pointed chin and pointed nose. A light black stubble covered the stranger’s jaw outlining the handsome face. As perfect as it appeared there was no denying the fear it brought. Burgundy eyes searched the room accompanied with a mass of black hair and short black horns peeking through. Several pets took a step back as the incubus paced in front of them. The dark eyes searched the line before falling on him. Despite the word of warning he managed to keep eye contact. The burgundy eyes bore deep into him and he had to force his foot to stop moving forward.

C.L.L. Saikali