Everlasting Daylights

Everlasting Daylights

The Day the Earth Stood Still

By Patrick Morton

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In the dystopia setting of a killer heatwave, people cling desperately to their loved ones. Drissa discovers new depths of her marriage through role-playing. Karen, Ally, and Tracy form amazing lesbian bonds with each other. After the heatwave breaks, couples find their heightened love affairs still have the fire. Amazing romantic scenes and humor. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Ladies and gentlemen, if we can all gather in the lounge again, we are going to continue our discussion on the sun." The intercom clearly carried Senator Hastings voice. Members of his staff and five passengers filter in from various spaces of the plane, some from the restrooms but most just needed to stretch their legs and clear their heads. John has removed his dress jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt attempting, as Melody had advised, to level the playing field thus reaching his people more efficiently. Although the lounge only appears half-way occupied, apparently everyone is present. He is even doing his best to sit in a casual style. He perchance observes Gena sitting down rather slowly, holding her back with one hand like shes in pain. Without the immediate need to interrupt the talk, he makes a mental note to keep an eye on her. "I want all of you to forget that Im the Senator for a while. I want us to talk like people talk because theres a lot of important information I have that you are going to need. So Id like all of us to be in on this session, together. But, keep in mind I do not have all the answers." "Is the corn genetically modified?" Came a question without a raised hand. John did not seem to mind, answering, "Well, yes, it has to be otherwise it wouldnt grow like it does. The bigger question youre going to have to ask yourself is Are you hungry?." "You see," came Barry from the middle of the room where the group members petered out, "crops are the most sensitive, temperamental plants we have. Sometimes, the least little thing can bring about a poor yield. They need the dark at night to perform vital functions. Not to sound glib, but theres no point in telling you what all those are unless you are an agriculture graduate like me. What I want to know, John, is where can I get some of the super corn seed?" "I know this one," John announces proudly. "The corn has such a penchant for growing that kernels taken off of the cob will grow. You have to twist the cob in your hand to remove the whole kernel, then there you are. But, you wont have to wait for it to hit the shelves. I have some sample bags to give you folks, more than enough to start your own patch." "Yes, Paige," he answers to her raised hand. "Are lots of people really going to die from this?" She is not shy, but painfully unaware of the interconnectedness of things. "We looked real hard at the numbers," John says, holds his hands in his lap. "If the weather does not do something phenomenal to keep us from overheating, most everyone in America will die from the heat in about one half of a month. Now, that being said, our weather experts strongly believe the earths atmosphere will save us. Then comes the hard part, starvation." "Based on behavior models, we anticipate most people are going to just sit around and wait to be fed by supermarkets alone. Weve lost our ability to be self-sufficient when it comes to growing our own food. During the second world war, most everyone who had access to dirt was planting Victory Gardens for food. Our dependence on the industry of agriculture has done away with that tenacity. If people are smart then maybe they will read the writing on the wall."

Patrick Morton