Breeding Sarah

Breeding Sarah

By Pepe Roncino

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DESCRIPTION: They claimed that women that visit them are no better than the animals they mate with. Two beasts taking turns breeding a goddess one after the other. This was the moment he was waiting for, this was the signal that proved she wanted more, she was submitting. He was beating Sarah into submission and bliss at the same time. EXCERPT: In the early 23rd century humankind was struck with a terrible virus that wiped out the entire male population. Without cure and solution to the ever-mutating virus in sight, women turned to sperm banks. Prolonging the species by producing only female offspring, but sperm bank supplies lasted for only a few generations. Thus some asked a radical question, if male of one species is gone could it be replaced by a male of different species with the help of bioengineering? Many were outraged, but some would prefer it to extinction. Could cross-species fertilization be the cure? Women of science that would accept this idea united to work day and night. They managed to alter some of the animal species genetics so that they could reproduce with humans. If their sperm was to be introduced to a human egg it would produce female human offspring. Canine subjects were the first to give results, with several other species to follow. In time women accepted the idea and used the sperm in IVF conditions to keep humanity alive. However, some began to question the morality of taking animal sperm without their consent. It wasnt until the 24th century that animal activists won the battle and breeding clinics were born. These clinics would offer women consensual intercourse with chosen males of other species. At first many found this solution extreme, but the pioneers of this movement paved the way for future generations. Many good things came out of this decision, animals were no longer things to be slaughtered for food and their well-being was considered in all humanities decisions. It took decades before the movement went mainstream, but in time most accepted this solution and the benefits it offered. Women were excited to experience the copulation with a male for the first time. Some just preferred a feeling of intimacy it offered compared to IVF. Being able to choose your sexual partner was certainly more appealing and exciting. It became the subject of many books, TV shows and articles. Celebrities saw this movement as something to be exploited and started endorsing certain clinics and males over the others and the masses followed. Many of these males became celebrities themselves. Women paying obscene amounts of money to be bred by them. And so clinics became a part of everyday life and something most women would consider as they came of age. This period of human history would later be known as the Age of Breeding.

Pepe Roncino