Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

By J.J. Stevens

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DESCRIPTION: When mom is left to care for her own needs, she finds that her hand isnt enough, especially with her daughter getting it on regularly just down the hall. Fed up, she decides its time for her daughter to share with dear old mom, only to find out that the boy in her daughters bed is her very own brother. EXCERPT: Lily Hayes kicked the sheets off of her naked body in the middle of the night. She was hot and restless, mostly due to her husband’s unexpected extension of his business trip. Bill was supposed to be gone two weeks, but now it was nearing a month and still no fixed end in sight. Four weeks without a proper fuck was driving her crazy. On top of her ravenous libido making her climb the walls, her daughter was hooking up with Tinder dates and shagging them in her bedroom down the hall. Listening to Emily moan and grunt as a parade of nameless studs plowed her to delirious ecstasy three nights a week filled Lily with envy and lust. It wasn’t fair, she knew, to be angry with her daughter, but she couldn’t help it. It was clear to Lily that her daughter had inherited her high sex drive and didn’t she know her mother was being tortured by the absence of her husband? The soft creak of Emily’s bed drifted from down the hall. Lily imagined her daughter’s athletic figure, toned and smooth, as she rode some handsome guy. Emily’s head would be thrown back, her wavy, auburn hair cascading past her shoulders as she rocked her hips and ground on him. It was lucky Chase was out of the house on a date. Listening to his older sister have sex would be too much for even him to ignore. Lily smiled at the thought of her eighteen year old son lying in bed as he listened to his sister’s sex noises in the next room. Lily’s hand slipped between her supple thighs and...

J.J. Stevens