Breaking Down The Wall

Breaking Down The Wall

By Jacob Kingsman

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DESCRIPTION: Years after the death of her mother, Maya finds her relationship with her father to be distant at best. This all changes when he accidentally gets a peek of her in her underwear, something which awakens feelings inside both of them that they never wouldve imagined before. EXCERPT: “I kind of want to do it, dad. It’s just a thought I had. Do you want me to do it during the movie right now?” He couldn’t help but smile, and he turned his face away from her to hide a blush. Was she being serious with this? “I don’t want to do the whole father thing, though. I want it to be just us. Just dad and Maya. No sex game. Is that okay?” He met her eyes again. “Of course it’s okay, Maya. Why do you want to, though?” She played with his shirt between her fingers, and then moved her hand down on top of that bulge in his pants. “I didn’t think you’d want to keep going with any of what we were doing. I would’ve been happy if you just wanted to have a normal father-daughter relationship.” She giggled again, and shrugged more. “I don’t mind doing this, really. This is exciting for me, too. You’re my first, remember? And I trust you. I’m comfortable exploring this with you.” Her eyes looked up at him again, and made his heart melt into putty. “And as for why I want to do it right here right now..” She shrugged. “Just feel like it!” She hugged him a little tighter as she said this, which he found extremely cute. He gave her a confused look, and she laughed some more. Her hand was tugging at his belt, now. He undid the buckle for her. The rest of it, she seemed to be able to do on her own. ‘Inconceivable!’ from the television distracted him for a moment, but then he looked back down at what she was doing. She had slid out of his arm and off of the couch, taking a position kneeling between his legs.

Jacob Kingsman