Braelynn Montgomery: The Sluts Of Regal Bay

Braelynn Montgomery: The Sluts Of Regal Bay

By K.W. Steiner

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DESCRIPTION: An outsider to Regal Bay and a fourth-year student far from her home attending the University, Braelynn Montgomery works hard to secure a life for herself. Knowing that she has just a small window in life to enjoy herself sexually before nature overwhelms her and transforms her into the mirror image of her mother, Brae sets out to have as much fun and get as much out of her lovers as she possibly can. EXCERPT: “Would you have sex with your dad to get a car?” Braelynn Montgomery asked her friend, Lara Duffy, knowing full well that Lara’s father would jump his daughter’s bones if he ever thought he could get away with it, even if it meant his wife divorcing him. Across the cafeteria table, Lara faked a gag. “Yuck! You’re a disgusting, bitch! He’s an old man. An ugly old man! Hell, I don’t think my mom even does him anymore. I’d bet he’s so old he couldn’t even get it up if you tried to seduce him.” “He’s not all that old. What is he, forty, forty-two? You might be surprised what a guy your dad’s age can do,” Brae grinned. “Jesus, Brae! Stop it! I don’t even want to think about it!” Lara groaned. “Besides, Dad’s forty-six, soon to be forty-seven. That’s old in anyone’s book.” “That’s not too old to get it up, and that I know for a fact,” Brae grinned, the memory of Jeff Duffy just a few nights before in the backseat of his SUV still fresh in her mind. “I’ve been around with enough guys that old, and even older, to know that all you need is a few skills and the right incentive and you could get a geriatric to ride. You know Professor Steiner? What’s he now, 56 or 57? Did I ever tell you about the time I had with him out of Hayes Beach?” Lara shivered and mimed a gagging motion over her lunch. “Sometimes you make me want to throw up, Brae. Seriously. Really disgusting, bringing up the image of some old wrinkled dude. Shit like that’s the reason I’ll never work in a retirement home. Besides, getting back to my dad, incest is just wrong, and last time I checked, it’s illegal in this state and most of the others. Not that that is the only reason not to with your own dad. I just can’t bring myself to even think of him as a sex object.” “What? Afraid that if you do you just might get so turned on that you’d do it? That you’d seduce your own father?” Brae teased again. “Worried that you might like it so much, and your dad might like you so much, that you two will have to run off together? To make little incest babies together?” Lara dropped her fork and sat back in her seat; arms crossed beneath her smallish breasts. “Okay, that’s it. You guessed it. I don’t want to have a baby with my daddy, so that’s the real reason I don’t want to be with him,” Lara grumbled as she stood up. Gathering her tray, she added, “I’ve got a class to get to, and so do you. If you’re so hot for my old man, why don’t you go seduce him? I’m sure he’d just love those big, fat tits of yours.” Following her friend towards the tray drop-off window, Brae grinned knowingly and replied, “Maybe I already have, Lara. And maybe he already has.”

K.W. Steiner

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9791220812443
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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  • Sin DRM

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